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Celebrating an anniversary? Want to throw a big fiesta for Cinco de mayo? Not sure where to even start with your party’s theme? We have select packages ready to go from start to finish. Just tell us a time and we’ll be there.

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Discounts Available

  • 50 to 100 guests-5%
  • 100 to 150 guests-10%
  • 150 and over-15%

Special Event Packages

paella1Due to the high demand of our delicious paella, we have extended our Service to the whole U.S.A. territory, and to the whole world.We offer the catering and rental services from South Florida to Central Florida complying with the norms and regulations for each county. For the rest of the world, we offer an experienced professional chef, who will cook at the place of your choice, in front of you, the best paella from south Florida. The regulations for the rest of the world are as follow.


  1. You may choose any paella from our menu. Click here to see Paella Menu
  2. Our company is responsible to transport and manipulate all the ingredients; inside the United States territory.
  3. The customer is responsible to pay for round trip transportation of all the required equipment to cook, and served.
  4. The customer is responsible to for air, land or sea transportation, lodging, and meals for the employees.
  5. The chef’s tariff and the personal service if is necessary do to conditions of time and place of work including transportation. 
  6. The menu price increases a 25% for vents with 50 or more guests and a 40% for events less than 50 guests.
  7. The events outside of the U.S.A. territory could be subject to sanitaries regulations and immigration permits.

Romantic Dinner

romantic-imgHave a personal chef; surprise your loved one; this is the time to impress. What a beginning for an unforgettable night!

You may request this dinner to take place wherever you want it to be, from the comfort of your house, or with the complicity of the stars, or even at the beach of your choice. Let your imagination fly.

We offer three options for this dinner, choose one.

1. Menu for Two: (appetizers are a surprise)

Temptation Paella
This is our specialty. We cook it calamari, shrimp, fish, chicken, ham, mussels, shrimp, lobster tail, and vegetables, accompanied with a spectacular salad, bread and butter.
Dessert: Catalan Cream. Personalized cake fondant.

Supreme Filet Mignon 
Exquisite filet wrapped in bacon, and Portobello mushroom, accompanied with vegetables or mashed potatoes, rice or pasta, a unique salad, bread and butter.
Dessert: Flan. Personalized cake fondant.

Salmon Illusion
Grilled with aromatic herbs and served with capers and a clam sauce, accompanied with vegetables or mashed potatoes, rice or pasta, an unforgettable salad, bread and butter. Dessert: Tiramisu. Personalized cake fondant.

This dinner you chose from our menu includes drinks, service, and rental. The objective is to facilitate the surprise and that no detail is left out.

2. Drinks:

Include water, red or white wine, champagne, ice and ice bucket.

3. Services:

Include the chef if you want the dinner to be made at the romantic dinner or a waiter if you want the dinner to be delivered. In both
instances, the dinner will be served at the table and all the set up of the event will be taken care of. If you wish to have the services of the chef and waiter, there will be an extra charge.

4. Rental:

It includes tables, chairs, table cloth, personalized napkins, flowers, candle holders, candles, dinner, salad, and dessert plates, water, wine, and champagne
glasses, water pitcher, butter holder, bread basket, salt and pepper set, salad dressing set, ice bucket for bottles.

We guarantee you a professional attention, all details attended to with high quality, impressive table set and service, and an outstanding decoration

party_martiniFor a perfect party to impress,a cocktail portion on a martini glass cup.Expectacular decoration, gourmet food and mysteriously informal(this include a martini cup 10oz and apropiate fork)

  • MARTINI PAELLA Casual and elegant, cocktail style made with shrimp, mussels, rice and vegetables served in a spectacular Martini glass, no sides.
  • Grill Martini Various types of meats  Grilled ,Skirt  Steak, chicken, sausage, new York  Steak, Potatoes cut  Juliana styles  and  excellent Decoration
  • Seafood Martini Festival of Seafood Shrimp, calamaris , mussels, lobster, fish, scallop in spectacular sauce wi th Lemon decoration
  • Pasta Martini Short Pasta Stuffed with Cheese and Shrimp in Marinara Sauce decorate with Parmesan cheese and basil
  • Latin Martini Congri (White Rice with Red Beans) with Pork Chunk with sausage cut it in diced pieces with wonderful decoration

We want to facilitate your events; these specials are packets that only include the food and not the delivery. These special are available all year around but at the time of this special offer you will receive a 10% discount. Minimum of 30 Guest.

Super Bowl

Pork ribs, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, bread and butter. 

February 14th – Valentines Day

See Our romantic dinner click here

Mothers Day

  • Paella Tentacion
  • Calamaris, Fish, Chicken, Jam, Shrimps,Mussels, Lobster Tail (4oz)
  • Personalized Cake

Fathers Day

Paella Tentacion
Calamaris, Fish, Chicken, Jam, Shrimps,Mussels, Lobster Tail (4oz) & Personalized Cake

4th of July

Pork ribs, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, bread and butter. Personalized Cake


Any of Our Specials


Stuffed Roasted Turkey , Mash Potatoes, Congri, Spiral Jam, Salad Bread & Butter ( Personalized Cake)

Christmas Roast

Whole roasted pig decorated according to the time of year. Includes: congri (rice and beans), yucca with mojo (olive oil and garlic), salad, bread and butter.

th July
dia de la madres
dia del padre

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