Professional Staff Ready To Serve You! Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority.

Our company has extended its services from central to south Florida. Our foundation is based on having a professional team. Under the supervision of master chef Gilberto Diaz, who graduated in the Hemphill Institute of Los Angeles, California, we work together to bring you the best service possible

Hourly Staff Assignments


Is responsible for ensuring the freshest food preparation. Uniformed with a white and black jacket, he will also were a Hat and apron.

All of the equipment needed for food preparation is rovided along with serving utensils.

Overtime $30.00 x hour extra


Uniformed with a black vest, tie, pants, shoes and a tuxedo shirt, the bartender is responsible for serving drinks for your guests.

He or she will also assist in setting up your event .

Overtime $25.00 x hour extra

$90.00 – Uniformed with a tuxedo vest, black pants and shoes their duties are to pass out all appetizers, desserts, and beverages.

They will also maintain tables clean and organized during your event. All staff will assist in the preparation of all events.

Overtime $25.00 x hour extra.

$100.00 – Assists chef during the preparation process.

A helper will attend an event depending on the number guest, appetizers, dessert, etc.

Overtime $25.00 x hour extra


Staff Service Regulations

Service Regulations

  • A minimum of 20 guests is required for each event.
  • All events are scheduled for a total of 4 hours. With the purchase of a rental package you will be given one extra hour.
  • A minimum of 12 orders must be made in order to deliver to Miami-Dade and Broward-County.
  • Once we have left Miami-Dade County, a travel charge will be added according to the distance our staff has traveled.
  • Waiter: we recommend that one waiter be assigned for every 15 guests (sit down dinner), and one waiter for every thirty guests (buffet style).
  • Bartender: depending on the event, we suggest one for every 45 guests.
  • The service is double on Thanksgiving and December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.

Our company also offers a variety of diferent services. With highly qualified personnel that help you much to the organization of the event on having contracted everything in our company

  • Atelier: girlfriends suits, fifteen, ladies of company, etc.
  • Photos: packages chord to you needs.
  • Videos: professional and complete.
  • Cakes: unforgettable.
  • Flowers: all kinds of arrangements.
  • Music: saxophone, piano, DJ, Groups, Mariachis.
  • Entertaiment: varied spectacles.
  • Limousine: Glamour.

We Offer Several Party Rentals Packages. Everything You Need For your Party or Event.

Party Rentals & Packages

Everything you need to get your party or event going. From Chairs, tables, to food, lights, and much more. Discounts are available on all party rental  packages.

Grand Event Packages

For large events (Minimum of 50 guests) such as wedding engagements, fifteens, sweet sixteens, corporate events, etc.  We have everything you need all in one place.

Special Event Packages

Everything from small romantic dinners, to 4th of July Celebrations. We have several select packages ready to service many different event possibilities.

We Have Serviced Several Companies Including: