• Each order brings 50 pieces.
• We recommend 5 pieces per guest on average.
• We will cook and decorate everything in the event.

Discounts Available

  • 10% Discount on 5 or more orders

From Spain

  1. Spanish omelet  Eggs, potatoes and onions
  2. Spanish omelet with sausage  Eggs, potatoes, onion and sausage
  3. Spanish sausage  Originally cured in spain (sliced)
  4. Chistorra  Special sausage sauté with olive oil and white wine
  5. Spanish serrano ham  Imported from spain and served in slices
  6. Mini-serranitos  Mini sandwiches of serrano ham and manchego cheese
  7. Machengo cheese Imported from spain; served sliced
  8. Meatballs in spanish sauce  Made of beef in a spectacular sauce
  9. Garlic shrimp  Sauté in garlic
  10. Fried Chick Peas Sauted with Ham, Sausage and Bacon
  11. Filled Mushrooms

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  1. Breaded shrimp in coco    
  2. Exquisite Breaded Calamaris  Served with tarter sauce
  3. Mixed spirals   Rolled in ham, salami, spinach, provolone, jack, cream cheese, tomatoes, garlic
  4. Mixed croquettes   Variety of ham and chicken
  5. Mini Burguer Fresh Baked
  6. Mozzarella sticks Delicious
  7. Bruschettas with Prosciutto and Mozarella Cheese  
  8. Pizza Rolls Fresh Baked
  9. Tacos (mini)  Made of meat, chicken, and vegetables
  10. Mini Quesadillas Unforgettables
  11. Nachos Nachos with Cheese
  12. Jalapenos with Chesse Exquisites
  13. Cod fritters Served with tartar sauce
  14. Conch Fritter  Served with tartar sauce
  15. Breaded fish sticks  Serve with Tartar Sauce
  16. Shrimp cocktail  Served with sauce and lemon
  17. Chicken wings  Oven in Medium or Hot Sauce
  18. Cheese tray  Decorated with fruits
  19. Fruits Tray Refreshment Beauty
  20. Vegetable tray  Decorated and with ranch sauce
  21. Smoked salmon  Served with crackers and capers
  22. Fish Ceviche (3 oz.)  Everything Fresh
  23. Shrimp Ceviche (3 oz.)  Everything Fresh
  24. Chicken Kabbots 3 o 4oz on Sticks with Vegetables
  25. Baby lamb chops (10 pcs )  Seasoned with a special house sauce
  26. Filled tostones or breaded (10 pcs )   Chicken, ham, beef or fish
  27. Filled tostones or breaded (10 pcs )  Choose shrimp or crab
  28. Tropical pineapple  Excellent decoration: filled both sides with lobster and crab meat. Served with crackers
  29. Fruit cascade, cheese and vegetables 500 pcs.aproximatly, decorated with a cascade of fruits, spectacular.
  30. Tropical Sampler (25 Rac Minimun) Includes: Skirt steaks, Pork, Chicken, Sausage, Fried Yucca with sauce, Everything cut Julienne style and cooked on the Grill in front of your eyes.
  31. Tequeños 
  32. Rainbow Palm Palma is sprinkled with colors with shrimp, cheeses, ham, olives, grapes and pepperoni.(400 pcs. aproximatly.)

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