Party Paella Tropical is now offering two choices of complete meat or rice buffets. These buffets are a versatile catering option that will work around your budget. You can be sure that everything will be to your liking and presented spectacularly.

Discounts Available

  • 10% Discount on 50 or more guests

Meat Festival Buffet

We offer different types of meats cooked “Lena y Carbon” style. You choose the type of barbecue and sides dishes, and we will work around your budget.

  • Everything is cooked on site, freshly made in the present of your guest.
  • Accompanied with salad, bread and butter.
  • A Minimum of 50 guests is required.
Churrasco – Tender, Grilled Skirt Steak
Grilled Beef – Also known as Carne Asada
Pork – Grilled to perfection
Picanha – Brazilian style steak
Sausage – Also known as Chorizo

Rice Festival Buffet

We have 20 types of rice combined with meats, seafood’s, vegetables from which you can choose 5 for your buffet. You can be sure that everything will be to your liking and presented spectacularly.

  • Accompanied with salad, bread and butter.
  • A minimum of 50 people is required (if it’s for more than 50 guests ask your coordinator for your discount)
  • The price is $ 12 per person
Paella Valenciana

Chunk of chicken, fresh shrimps, calamari’s, mussels, clams, rice and vegetables

Paella Campesina

This plate prepared with tender chunks of chicken and pork, sausage, smoked ham, rice and vegetables

Black Paella

you will surely love this different dish with calamari’s, fresh shrimp, mussels, rice and vegetables

Vegetarian Paella

Zucchini, broccoli, coli flour, chick peas, mushrooms, snow peas, green beans, sweat peas, olives, tomatoes, onions, garlic and rice

Jambalaya Rice

This New Orleans dish is freshly prepared with shrimp and sausage


Hawaiian Rice

A flavorful pineapple taste with chunks of chicken and pork chops

Arabic Rice

Rich lamb mixed with chickpeas and vegetables


Chaufa Rice

Peruvian fried rice dish made with chicken and meats to perfection

Gaucho Rice

Variety Juicy chunks of meats and sausage, rice and vegetables

Fried Rice

Rice, chicken, ham, pork, noodles, onions, Soya sauce, with sweet and sour chops.

Relleno Rice

Spectacular plate of rice mixed with seasoned ground Beef



A la chorrera Rice

Rice more on the wet side, with juicy chucks of chicken

Guajiro Rice

This savory Cuban dish is prepared with pork, chicken, corn on the cob and sausage

Imperial Rice

Rice layered with chicken, ham, cheese, mayonnaise and spices.

Chicken Rice

The Traditional rice with chicken, Pepper, onion, sweet peas

Bacalao Rice

A Traditional Spain plate with Chickpeas and rice

Atollado Rice

Colombian dish made with sausage and chicken

Pilaf Rice

A dish in which the rice is seasoned broth, with chicken

Mediterranean Rice

A simple but tasty plate made with Melted cheese, chicken breast, and black olives

Tropical Rice

Chunk of meats, fresh shrimps, calamari’s, mussels, clams, rice and vegetables

*Please Call For Pricing. Miami-Dade: 305.256.9586

Side Dishes

(Not included in Rice Festival)

  • Rice and Chicken Soup
  • Rice and Shrimp Soup
  • Rice Salad with Mango
  • Sweet Plantains, Tostones, Baked Potatoes, Sauté Vegetables
  • Rice Pudding

*Please Call For Pricing. English: 305.256.9586 | Español: 786.620.4540

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